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Getting through to your customer demands thinking into the box. Dedicated SMTP Server Services offers clear passage for your company emails.

Email marketing has become an integral part of today’s marketing industry that not only does branding but establishes rapport and help continue long lasting relationship with the existing clients. In this cut-throat competitive marketplace, any mistake can lead businesses to lag behind. For this very reason, they’re more concerned about the timely delivery of their advertisement than ever. Businesses always want to land their communications in the recipients’ inbox and not in the spam folder. Automatic Mail Sender will be solution to your requirement of shooting mass emails. It is a powerful thought cost-effective mass e-mailer which supports any external SMTP Server.

We offer Optimized dedicated bulk smtp server to send millions of emails on daily basis regardless of text or html. Our Each dedicated smtp server has dedicated hardware including RAM, CPU, HDD, IPs, bandwidth and free mailing software plus free DKIM, SPF, rDNS setup. Our dedicated smtp servers allows to have multiple additional ips so that your mails go non stop without blocking due to rate limits from ISP’s. We offers SMTP dedicated servers - with options of Linux and Windows operating platform - are finely-tuned to host mail, Web and database applications. They’re featured with faster contact lists import and quick interacting features. Equally good for transactional as well as commercial emails, you can shoot thousands of emails per day using our dedicated bulk SMTP servers.

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We deliver comprehensive Email service solutions, from small business Email Services to large. We have a custom solution for your company.

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