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K2 Infotech offers enterprises the opportunity to operate their software applications from the internet via application hosting services.

In the early days of the internet, a website was nothing more exciting than a collection of documents made publicly available in the www folder of a connected file system. Over time, with the development of server-side scripting languages like ASP, and PHP, these documents took on dynamic properties and eventually web applications were born. Most websites today — even simple blogs and single page sites — don’t really document collections, they are database-backed web applications written in programming and scripting languages.

Choosing Web Application hosting service for your website could benefit you in ways such as, reduced cost, instant deployment, easy maintenance, and reduced administration. Our reliable and affordable hosting solution makes your website shines every single day.

K2 Infotech offers wide range of web application hosting services. It is also sometimes referred to as applications hosting or on demand software hosting. All the hosted applications are accessed globally through the internet. With our application hosting service you could easily host and access your web based applications and softwares online. We K2 Infotech would help you deploy your applications built through any platform, for your website easily.

Domain and Hosting Solutions

We deliver comprehensive web application hosting service, from small business web application hosting to large. We have a custom solution for your company.

Web Applications Hosting

K2 Infotech web applications hosting offers enterprises the opportunity to operate their software applications from the cloud via application hosting services.

Database Hosting

The specialists at K2 Infotech strive to offer highest quality database hosting services that can empower your business and to reach your desired goals.

Domain Registration

K2 Infotech provides fast and affordable domain name registration service. Buy with confidence and grow your business without breaking your budget.

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