Innovative Inventory Softwares

Know your daily inventory stock status and stay updated with our highly promising software applications!

For both retail and manufacturing businesses, inventory management software development is essential. It helps them to plan, organize and manage their inventory with minimum effort. Now let’s get into the details of it. Our inventory management software solutions ensure stock syncing, visibility and quantity adjustments with precision detail. Identify each item with RFID or QR codes, analyze sales performance and more.

A well-designed and fully-functional inventory management software offer you the up-to-date information on what is in stock, where it is located, how much of it can be sold, and till when will the stocks last. This information helps in ruling out the risk of overstocking and stock-outs which can greatly hamper a company’s profitability and sales cycle.

We offers Inventory Management System to track inventory levels, sales, orders and deliveries. Track the flow of units in Inventory, current status and detailed description of every product with a professional system software. Manage individual record and edit all the inventory functions efficiently. Complete your daily operations quickly and easily with an affordable and robust solution.

Types of Software Development Services

We deliver comprehensive software development solutions, from small business software developments to large. We have a custom solution for your company.

Accounts Software

At K2 Infotech, we have dedicated team of financial software developers with extensive experience providing custom financial and accounting software solutions.

Inventory Software

Custom inventory management software development to let you sync inventory across channels, integrate with ERP systems, analyze sales performance and more.

GST & VAT Software

K2 Infotech being a pioneer in business can assist you perceive the technical aspects of the implementation of products, GST & VAT, the impact on ERP systems.

Manpower Recruitment Software

Today in the field of manpower software development we have gained special recognition for developing amazing manpower recruitment software.

Customize Software

We provides high quality, cost-effective and reliable custom software development services that match your specific needs, budget and timeframe.

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