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We help you plan and create a Search Advertising campaign that hits your goals, whether that’s making more sales or attracting more leads.

Paid search advertising, also known as Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is about getting your business onto the results page (SERPs) by paying to be there. The most commonly used form of paid search advertising is Google Ads. That kind of marketing effort allows you to by-pass the lengthy process and work involved in organic search optimisation and jump straight on the first page – if you are prepared to pay. A paid advertising strategy allows you to immediately connect with people who are searching for your products or services. We can help you target your customers through a combination of paid search and SEO together. Search advertising is one of your most crucial ad channels. We use different terms such as Paid Search, SEM, and PPC, etc. for this. Search advertising campaigns drive leads and revenue for the businesses.

Our approach is to understand your business, your objectives, your profit margins and your lifetime customer value and from this create PPC campaigns that will be profitable for your specific business. We know every business is unique and that to achieve the best results for you, we have to apply our knowledge and experience to you specific needs. We use our wealth of experience and knowledge in paid search advertising to set-up campaigns that are going to best deliver on your business objectives. Unlike many agencies, we do not charge based on a percentage of advertising spend. We base our charges on the time we spend on the research and creation of your paid search campaigns and then the time on-going that we use to manage these campaigns to continually improve and add to them.

Types of Pay Per Click Services

We deliver comprehensive Pay Per Click solutions, from small business Pay Per Click to large. We have a custom solution for your company.

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