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Email is a very popular way of communicating with others over the Internet. An application that allows users to send, receive, and read email is called an Email Application. Each of the email applications is designed to suit specific types of users; so, you can choose one with the features that best suits your particular needs. The purpose of email application is to send, receive, and read email. Since all email application perform the same basic tasks (send and receive email), you should choose one that is convenient and easy to use.

K2 Infotech's Email Application Service (EASP) model allows companies to utilize the power of Campaign Intelligence in a self-service environment without IT hassles. The Email Application Service (EASP) model appeals to the segment of customers who want direct access to the email system but do not want to invest in the purchase and management of software and hardware of their own. K2 Infotech's Email Application Service (EASP) model offers high volume senders dedicated hardware to provide maximum flexibility for integrations and customizations.

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