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Transpiring millions of messages have become more comfortable and faster with bulk SMS services. Get SMMP SMS Service for reaching a maximum number of clients.

SMPP SMS services is preferred for high volume SMS traffic between ESME and SMPP server. SMS termination through SMPP gateway requires one SMPP client at your application end to connect with remote SMPP Gateway. The SMPP or Short Message Peer-to-Peer is actually a protocol that has gained massive popularity in the industry, for transacting large volumes of messages instantly and in a hassle-free manner in between the SMSCs (Short Message Service Centers) and ESMEs (External Short Messaging Entities). SMPP gateway reduces the time required for delivering bulk messages as compared to XML or APIs. There are many SMPP gateway provider in India. Choosing the right one is difficult.

Every SMPP gateway provider in India has there own terms and condition. The most difficult terms is monthly volume commitment. If you traffic is not very high initially but you still want to give your users a better experience in terms of faster delivery, then you do not have any choice but to find a good SMS agreegator who can offer you SMPP Gateway without any volume commitment. At K2 Infotech, we always believe in empowering developer and re-seller community. With our experience of more than a decade, we have come with a ready use SMPP SMS Service for developers and re-seller. Our technical team can help you with necessary integration in your existing application and you can leverage our SMPP gateway.

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