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Product listing ads optimization (also known as PLA management) must be an integral part of all e-commerce PPC campaigns.

Product Listing Ads are cost per click (CPC) ads which online merchants purchase through AdWords. These ads appear on Google Search pages to the left, and top of results. Product Listing Ads are most distinguishable in that they: 1) Feature a product image, and 2) Are tailored towards products and product categories (vs. keywords) In the snip below, the ads for baseball bats which have images are Product Listing Ad. If you click on the individual Product Listing Ads, Google brings you to the sellers site, whereas “Shop for yellow baseball bat on Google” will bring you to the Google Shopping comparison page which is relevant for that search.

Through PLA you get various benefits like greater amount of traffic, better qualified leads, easy retail-centric campaign management and broader presence. With so many benefits, ignoring Product Listing Ads would not be a good idea. We analyze your products, your goals from the campaign and hence create ads, maintain them, keep on updating the bid from time to time such that they stay on the first page itself and hence help you get desired results. By opting for Google product listing ads management services from K2 Infotech, you can gain a competitive edge in the eCommerce industry. We understand the needs of online retailers, and years of experience and expertise equip us with the knowledge and ability to formulate winning online advertising campaigns.

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