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We make bussiness accounting easy by providing the complete GST & VAT software development services.

GST is the biggest tax reform in the history of Independent India in the era of Indirect Taxation. Earlier as per the structure of the Constitution both central government and state government hadrights to levy the various duties and taxes on the various activities such as sale of goods, sale of services and other activitiesFor example, tax on Sale of goods, which used to fall under State Revenue but tax on Sale of Services was the right of Centre.

With the help of introduction of GST tax such bifurcation will be the history. Above mentioned structure resulted in different State VAT Acts such as Maharashtra VAT, Gujrat VAT and Delhi VAT along with variations in local taxes and other duties by the State Government. We understand that for you, growing your business is the most important thing.

We have develope our GST & VAT Software in a manner which easily fits into your business, adapts to your way of working and takes over all the complications to do with numbers of your business while you can focus on business growth. In the post GST scenario situation will be entirely different and all such variety of taxes will besubsumed into one Tax called GST.

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We deliver comprehensive software development solutions, from small business software developments to large. We have a custom solution for your company.

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At K2 Infotech, we have dedicated team of financial software developers with extensive experience providing custom financial and accounting software solutions.

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Custom inventory management software development to let you sync inventory across channels, integrate with ERP systems, analyze sales performance and more.

GST & VAT Software

K2 Infotech being a pioneer in business can assist you perceive the technical aspects of the implementation of products, GST & VAT, the impact on ERP systems.

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Today in the field of manpower software development we have gained special recognition for developing amazing manpower recruitment software.

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We provides high quality, cost-effective and reliable custom software development services that match your specific needs, budget and timeframe.

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